Monday, November 03, 2008

Trigger Time!

I'm so excited that we are triggering this evening. That makes our egg retrieval Wednesday morning! Yay!

I had an appointment Saturday(#3), Sunday (#4), and this morning (#5) and the same 8 follicles are ready to go. Although we only have 8 that are still in the running (that they can see), it only takes one.

Instructions are no more meds tonight or tomorrow night (except for HCG injection, tonight, to release eggs from follicles) . That will be a nice break.

The retrieval will take place at the main location in Rockville, MD. We have to arrive by 8:15 AM, for a 9:45 AM retrieval, so we are thinking about staying at hotel a couple of miles away, tomorrow night. That way we can just get up and have a short ride over instead of having to fight with the morning rush hour. We are already an hour away without it. Our son is going to stay with his cousin overnight. We are so blessed to have a situation were we live close to BIL and SIL and our son's go to the same elementary and after-care. That works well for all of us.

Please pray for us! I will give an update after the retrieval.

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