Monday, December 29, 2008

Almost the New Year!

With Christmas behind us, and the new year approaching, this has been a time of reflection and looking forward at the future. The holiday season has been nice. It was stressful at times, but nice.

We spent Christmas eve with my family and Christmas day with DH's side. The day after Christmas we went to NYC and stayed until Sunday. That was a lot of fun. I was ready to get back. I didn't realize how crazy NYC was during the holidays.

DH took me to his Physical Therapy clinic yesterday for the first time. It was cool to see where he works and meet everyone. One of his co-workers a couple of weeks ago volunteered herself to do manual therapy on me. She did IVF about 10 years ago and was successful on her second cycle. After evaluating me, she said that my right leg is shorter than my left and that my blood circulation was poor on that side. The treatment wasn't painful and I didn't think she had did anything at all. She only pressed lightly on different areas of my stomach and back. After working with me, for about 30 minutes, I got up and she and DH reevaluated me. I was now standing evenly. I was amazed. I even had soreness on the side she adjusted. I am going to see her one to two times per week, until our next egg transfer. She also gave DH a to do list for at home. I can only do walking or the elliptical for the first couple of weeks. Nothing high impact. Next week she is going to work on my pelvic floor and circulation.

We decided that we will do our next cycle in February. If it doesn't work, then we will be on track for April, after our cruise. I'll start BCP end of January, stims end of February, find out if it works mid-end of March. I think that would put us with a HEDD of November 09'. I hope that the new year brings an end to this crazy infertility journey.

I'll be back in the new year!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thinking about delaying IVF #2

I am thinking about delaying IVF #2 until April. I really want to lose 30 pounds before I get pregnant. I want to be as healthy as possible. I have a fear that if I'm successful at getting pregnant and am unhealthy that I won't be able to carry the pregnancy to term - especially if we get pregnant with twins. My cycles are like clockwork - 28 days exact - so that would put us at April 14th with a late January due date. That is a couple of days after we get back from a cruise we have planned to Mexico with the fam. I would love to be smokin' hot and wear cute outfits, drink, and have lots of fun being active. I wouldn't be able to do those things if I was pregnant. If I went ahead with January IVF, I would be around 11 weeks pregnant and paranoid. Cam doesn't want to delay, but I think that he would be happier with the outcome if we did. Still undecided, but that's where I'm leaning. I watched a show called biggest loser and they have me super motivated. I could really do some damage in 15 weeks.

2 Days Left!

Two days left until my two week holiday! Yay!

I took off of work yesterday, due to sickness, but today I'm back at work. I'm spending the majority of today cleaning my office and re-organizing all of my files and papers that should be in files. We are moving from our current building to another location, next month, so I don't want to be slammed when I return.

Not much happening on the IVF front, but AF should be here in a few days then well start the process again. I have been working out, both morning (45 min -elliptical at home) and night(gym) 6 days a week, and watching my diet. I just started last week, so not much in the way of results as of yet. Planning to be down some pounds by February when I am again restricted from exercise again. I'll put a ticker on this site to track pounds lost.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IVF #1 Follow-Up Consult

I had a f/u with Dr. M this morning. When we originally met with him, for our initial consultation, he mentioned that they have gift programs for meds that we could inquire about if we had issue paying for them. He said that for IVF #2 we will be doing a protocol called Antagon protocol and upping my dosages. (I will put a brief description of this at the end.) Short and sweet...I asked him about getting some free meds and he said sure. I go in tomorrow morning to pick them up! So, for IVF #2 we will only be paying a few HUNDRED dollars! Instead of possibly $3-4,000. It is based on availability and a couple of patients have turned in their unused drugs from their completed cycles.

Plan for IVF #2
Birth control pills (1st day of Menses): 12/23/08
No Lupron
Menses: 1/20/09
1/21-1/22: start stims

Overview of Antagon Protocol:

Monday, December 01, 2008

Into the holiday season

This was a crazy Thanksgiving holiday. With hosting it at our house and having to watch BIL's kids we had our hands full. It all worked out well and we made it through.

Usually, we put up our Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving, but that didn't happen this year. This coming weekend, we'll take some time to do that.

I got a company wide email this morning, saying that they are shutting down operations from 12/22 through 1/2. We will still get paid for holiday days, but we can either do leave without pay or use vacation for the other 7 days. This has to be hard for some people, that are scrapping by to live, during these tough economic times. However, I'm looking forward to the off time so that I can spend it with DH and the boy. DH still has to work, but I am going to find some fun activities to do with the little one.

On another note, I'm on the 4th book, of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, by Stephenie Meyer. This has been an enjoyable series to read. I started the first book last week and have been hooked! I have been trying to get out to see the movie, Twilight, but haven't been able to as of yet.