Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gearing up for IVF#2.....again!

After going back and forth about IVF, emotions, and what the #$!@ to do, we have decided to start our next IVF cycle. I was getting ready to through in the towel, but after all we have been through I know that we have the strength to keep going and persevere.

So, I have already started the pill. My last pill will be on April 12th. Then I go in to have u/s and blood work on the 13th. We would start injections a couple of days after that with a estimated transfer of 5/2-4.

We are going on a cruise to Mexico next week which will be the perfect thing to help me relax and get in the right frame of mind. I will also make sure that I enjoy my last alcoholic beverage (or two...three...)lol

I'm excited. I hope that we have great news to share in the next couple of months!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Back on the ban-wagan

The pregnancy really screwed me up! I was exercising every day and eating perfect. The last time I exercised was the day before my surgery. Tonight will be my first day back at it. I was making myself feel bad about my lack of motivation (and gaining some of the weight I lost back), but it really wasn't my fault! It has been over two weeks and now I must pull myself back up from the boot straps and keep it rolling. My incisions are still itchy, but the soreness is gone.

We are going on a cruise/vacation in 29 days and I was on track to be down decent weight. Now I have to set my goal slightly lower at 10-15 pounds. That's better than nothing.