Monday, June 29, 2009

Short Week

I am so thankful that a holiday weekend is coming up! Three day weekends are always wonderful. This coming 4th we are heading to VA Beach and Williamsburg, VA, for the weekend. I am looking forward to the change in scenery! We are camping out at a local state park on Friday and Saturday. Then, on Sunday, we will be heading to Williamsburg to the local attractions, returning home on Monday. DH and I started organizing this past weekend for the camping portion. This will be the first time that we have camped in our adult lives. As kids, you do not appreciate all of the preperation it takes. You just enjoy going along for the ride!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm here

I'm still here. I have been on blog hiatus for a few weeks. I just didn't want to do or think about anything associated with IVF or my sucky fertility. So, here I am in the beginnings of getting my mind straight and back on track. Thank you for words of encouragement and support!

Since, the failure of IVF#2, I haven't done much but try to keep my emotional state as well as can be. I was feeling much better, but a week or so ago started to become real grumpy. Hopefully it is just PMS.

I finally called the RE office back and told them my LMP which was 6/3. They asked for it after my last Methotrexate shot. I also set up a telephone f/u with my RE (he is in Ireland). I would like to try for a FET in August. We shall see. We are going to transfer one embryo at a time, so that the risk for twins is almost nill. It was a nice thought to possibly have twins, but DH and I have found ourselves totally against the idea. If it happens from one embryo, we will be thrilled - but we won't be the ones to promote it.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Thanks for deciding to show up

Yesterday this stinkin' pregnancy finally started to make it's exit. Today it is full force. TMI Alert - This is one of the heaviest periods I have ever had. I guess that is to be expected. I'm talking HUGE clots! Yuck!

I am trying to take it easy. I have wanted to stay on the go and have been paying for it at the end of the day. It's just that this has been taking SO FREAKIN' LONG. I just want it to be done with already and be normal! So, I guess I will count yesterday as the start of a new cycle? I'm not sure if I wait until I have my period again to say that it's a cycle? Is this a cycle or just having a m/c...I don't have a clue. But, I'm happy it's here.

I go back in on Sunday for MORE bloodwork. I'm praying that it zeros out so that I don't have to see them for awhile.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Still no AF!

The spotting that started has stopped a couple hours in and still no AF! WTF!

I feel like I have a water ballon in my stomach that will not freakin' pop. So bloated. This really needs to get a move on.