Thursday, November 20, 2008

Test Day....Tomorrow!

This has been the longest wait! I am happy that this cycle is over and I will find out if this craziness has worked or if it's a flop. Still no symptoms, except for sore chest. I have been trying to prepare myself for the negative, by thinking of positives if this cycle has failed.

Here is my list so far....

1. We have no left over embryos for a future attempt...maybe another cycle with a different protocol will give us extra eggs...hence extra embryos.
2. If I am pregnant now, I will probably not be able to go on the cruise scheduled in April 09, with the fam, due to being over Carnival's 23/24 week pregnancy cut off.
3. I want to lose the weight I have gained this cycle, due to meds and emotional eating, and start my next cycle off lighter and with more energy.
4. If this didn't work, our IVF cycle #2 will be in December which would possibly give me a delivery date before CJ's next birthday. I really didn't want my kids spaced over six years, but at this point this is less important. We plan to adopt regardless, at some point, so possibly that child will fill the gap.
5. I can't think of anything else. I hope it worked this time!

To be continued........

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