Thursday, March 18, 2010

Recovering from Car Accident

When I finally felt like I was feeling better, I get blindsided. Last Friday, DH and DS and I went to dinner at Red Robin. After eating, we decide to head to a furniture store about a mile away. As we are proceeding through a green light, BAM! A Ford Focus plows into the front. driver's side of our car. The airbags go off, the seat beat nearly strangulates me, and smoke is everywhere! The car continues to roll down the road and all I can think of is if my family is OK. I have never been in an accident were the air bags were set off, so I had no idea that they smoke. I thought the car was on fire. I just wanted to get us out of the car, so against my husbands wishes to stay still, I stumbled out of the car. Soreness isn't even the word for how I felt. I felt like I had just been beat down with a bat. DS was sleeping prior to the accident, so all he saw was the smoke. Thankfully, he was unharmed.

Turns out that the Ford Focus belonged to a teenage girl (actually her mom) who let the boy she was dating drive her car to the movies. After the crash, the boy jumps from the car, frantic, and screams that he doesn't have a license. Then he proceeds to run! I couldn't believe it. He didn't even care if the girl or the passengers in our car were alright. What an ass.

I was taken to the ER and everything was fine with Cailey. I have purplish bruising on my neck and lower stomach. As of today, I am still sore but am getting better.

The weather is great outside, so I am looking forward to a less eventful weekend.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week 28.5!

It has been awhile, but everything is going well for baby Cailey. I was on bed rest for a total of three weeks. Thank you for all of your nice comments and well wishes.

Last night, I started having pretty bad cramps and a random tightening feeling. The tightening isn't consistent, but my lower back and stomach are so crampy. I tried drinking extra fluids and using a heating pad, but nothing helped. I called the doctor's office, this AM, and asked them what they advised and they told me to come in to get checked. When I got there I gave urine, which showed a high level of ketones and traces of blood. They also did a Fetal Fibronectin test. They will get the results from that tomorrow. This is what I have read about the test:

"A negative result on the fFN test means it's highly unlikely that you'll give birth in the next week or two, which can set your mind at ease and allow your practitioner to hold off on treatments that may prove to be unnecessary. A positive result, on the other hand, is not as useful. It means you're at a higher risk of giving birth early, but it doesn't guarantee that you're about to give birth or that you'll deliver early at all, so it won't help your practitioner decide how to manage your situation."

My doctor said to call them if I start have rythmic contractions that are intense. They will call me with the test result tomorrow. I want to keep baby in as long as possible, so a negative result is welcomed. I can't remember when I started having Braxton Hicks with DS, but I don't remember them being this uncomfortable. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

This past Saturday my mom and SIL threw us a baby shower. It was surreal to attend a baby shower that was for us. Baby showers have been so hard to attend over the years. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel, even though it was in celebration of our baby, about the shower. However, everything was fine and we had a great time.

Here is Cailey's first face shot! It was taken around 25 weeks. Just for fun, we discussed who baby looks like and decided that she more closely resembles DH, but who knows what she will look like when she comes out. Here is her pic next to dad's baby pic.