Friday, July 13, 2007

IVF for the Sweethearts

We had our post M/C follow up with Dr. S on Wednesday. Before our last cycle, Dr. S. told us that if the cycle didn't work that we would move onto IUI w/ Injectible Medication. C & I assumed that would be our next step. Our insurance doesn't cover IUI w/ Injectibles, so we were prepared to hear that we would have to spend $3500 per cycle. But, when we went into the consult, Dr. S. cut straight to the point. He said that due to my ectopic pregnancy and the fact that I am starting to feel my Endo coming back again he said that the next plan of action needed to be IVF! He said that with my age and factors that our per cycle success rate is 75%. 75%! We said that we needed 3 months before we would be ready to begin, so Dr. S. suggested that I get on Lupron injections and BCPs to suppress the Endometriosis during that time. C reacted more on the finances. I reacted more to my emotions. What can I say?

We were given 2 options:

100% Refund Plan (If no live birth, after seven cycles, money back)
Cost: $24,900.00
Includes 7 fresh cycles & Resulting embryos
Everything except meds: $2-6K per cycle
& Anestesiologist Fee: $500.00

A La Cart (per cycle)
1 IVF Cycle: $9,500.00
ICSI fee: $2,000.00
Meds: $2-6K
Consult: $160.00

Once at home, we discussed our options. We knew that it would not be smart to do per cycle. So, we have decided on the refund plan. If it doesn't work, then we will persue other family building measures. Next question, Now to get $24K in three months.

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