Monday, July 16, 2007

Are you pregnant?

One thing I will never understand is why there is always one person that has to ask, "Are you pregnant?". Maybe you gained 10 pounds. Maybe you are having some Pre-Mense bloat. My cycle is due any minute and I have having some serious bloat issues myself. Well, one of my co-workers (one of the ones that inspects you from head to toe in their presence) asks me with a smirk, "Do you have some little one's in there?" I said "Excuse me?" "Are you expecting" she said with her mouth twisted. I said loudly "No. I'm just FAT!" I heard chuckles from the nearby offices. I chucked myself and moved on. That experience got me thinking. Some people seem to feel that they are entitled to say anything that comes into their minds. Are they unhappy with themselves? Do they really have nothing else to do with their time? Or, Could they really just NOT have a CLUE. It could be any or all of the above. I have learned through similar experiences to do my best not to let people like this get to me. There must a cause for such poor candor. Another co-worker came up to me after the encounter and said, "It isn't you. She acts like that with everyone. I told B that she looked like she was losing weight and S replied No. It must be the shirt".

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