Friday, July 13, 2007

Caught Up!

I am finally caught up to the present! Tonight C & I are getting together with my mom, step dad, and brother to have dinner at a restaurant called Houston's. I am feeling much better today! I have my ups and downs, for sure, but today is a good day.

Different people in my family have been telling me how things could be worse, or be happy for what you have, but they don't understand when they have not dealt with infertility. But, I feel like I am turning a corner. I have been having more good days then bad and I am ready to take charge of my life again. I was mad at the world, even God, but I am finding my peace.

I am going to start working on a plan to better myself. Due to my M/C I had to drop my MBA courses this summer, but I will be back on the ban wagon at the end of August. IVF is in October, so I would like to lose around 30 pounds before hand. That means eating right and exercising. Exercise might be just what I need to get those endorphins going. Endorphins = happier Christina.

We are straight broke until next Friday, when the money flood gates open, but for now I will be eating the cheapest stuff available which goes against my 30 pound goal. Tomorrow I will start exercising. Next Friday, I will revamp what goes in my pie hole. :-)

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