Friday, July 13, 2007

How do you feel?

(Thoughts from yesterday) I don't know what stage of grieving I am in. I thought that I was at acceptance, but then the littlest thing throws me back a step or two(Depression or Anger). I wish that we hadn't told anyone what happened last month. I was feeling great yesterday. My BIL's SIL was in the hospital getting ready to have a baby girl and I went during my lunch break to stop in and wish her my best. When I went into the room, I felt happy and glad that everything was going well. When my BIL's wife and her mother walked in my emotions totally changed. They said nice things, but there eyes and body language were saying something completely different, like, "What are you doing here? You don't belong. & didn't you say you were going through something. You don't belong." I was ready to go right then. When my BIL stood up 5 min later to announce that he had to go handle some things that was prime to to split. I know that people have the best intentions, but things that they do can be cruel even if they don't intend for them to be. Maybe I am looking into this too much. Well, back to Anger. Tomorrow is a new day. "God please grant me the serenity to accept....."

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