Wednesday, December 10, 2008

IVF #1 Follow-Up Consult

I had a f/u with Dr. M this morning. When we originally met with him, for our initial consultation, he mentioned that they have gift programs for meds that we could inquire about if we had issue paying for them. He said that for IVF #2 we will be doing a protocol called Antagon protocol and upping my dosages. (I will put a brief description of this at the end.) Short and sweet...I asked him about getting some free meds and he said sure. I go in tomorrow morning to pick them up! So, for IVF #2 we will only be paying a few HUNDRED dollars! Instead of possibly $3-4,000. It is based on availability and a couple of patients have turned in their unused drugs from their completed cycles.

Plan for IVF #2
Birth control pills (1st day of Menses): 12/23/08
No Lupron
Menses: 1/20/09
1/21-1/22: start stims

Overview of Antagon Protocol:

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