Thursday, December 18, 2008

2 Days Left!

Two days left until my two week holiday! Yay!

I took off of work yesterday, due to sickness, but today I'm back at work. I'm spending the majority of today cleaning my office and re-organizing all of my files and papers that should be in files. We are moving from our current building to another location, next month, so I don't want to be slammed when I return.

Not much happening on the IVF front, but AF should be here in a few days then well start the process again. I have been working out, both morning (45 min -elliptical at home) and night(gym) 6 days a week, and watching my diet. I just started last week, so not much in the way of results as of yet. Planning to be down some pounds by February when I am again restricted from exercise again. I'll put a ticker on this site to track pounds lost.

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