Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This should be happy news

On Sunday, I went grocery shopping earlier in the day. While shopping, I headed down the toiletries aisles to stock up on a few items that were running low. There it was: the family planning section. I had been slightly nauseated for the past 2 days and I figured that I could confirm my suspicions. When I got home, DH was outside cutting the grass with DS on the riding mower. I unpacked all of the groceries and then took the toiletries upstairs to put them away. When I went into the bathroom I had the urge to pee, so I said what the heck. I'll just do a test and see. We'll it came out positive. I was shocked! Later that evening, I told my DH that I caved an bought a test. Before, I could say anything else he said "Why did you do that? You already know that HPTs don't tell you anything, but whether we are in the game or not." That took the wind out of my sail. He is right though. We have been here many times it seems. Something that should bring us happiness does the opposite. Usually it leads to a negative outcome. After that, I didn't tell him that I took the test.

Yesterday, at 4 weeks, I took another test: a darker positive. We really won't know the outcome of this pregnancy until the ultrasound. Monday, 9/28, is our first HCG draw. If (and when) it comes out positive, we will test again on Wednesday and Friday. If all goes well with our numbers, the first ultrasound should be on Monday, 10/5 (6 weeks). Our EDD would be May 30, 2010.

I pray that everything works out for us this time. I think that this will be our last attempt at a pregnancy if it doesn't work out. I'm done.

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  1. I'll have to look back at his post if it doesn't work out. I have said in the past that I wouldn't do another cycle and then I do another anyway. This infertility battle has such highs and lows of emotions.