Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another Failure

What started as a success is now officially a failure.

HCG levels by DPO:
17DPO = 109 Yay, we're pregnant!
19DPO = 279 More than doubled!
22DPO = 387 Damn
24DPO = 356 Double damn
26DPO = 325

So...I'm waiting for the pregnancy to end, but I still haven't started to bleed. I was suppose to go in today for more bloodwork, but didn't feel like it so I didn't go. What's the rush, ya know? The doc called this afternoon and said "Your levels today were......"(he's looking for it)..oh, I wasn't able to make it today. He said to come in tomorrow morning. I guess I will. He said that if it is still around 300 that we will do the methotrexate shot to speed things along. Great! Bring on the chemo drugs!

We'll I'm not sure where this leaves us. This may be the end of our journey. I just don't feel like going through this anymore. We do have 2 frozen embryos that I'm pretty sure we have to use in order to get our $20K back. So, we'll see. They may have to stay on ice for a couple years. This whole process is distroying who I am. It would be nice to have another kid, but at what cost to me.

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