Sunday, April 26, 2009

Retrieval day!

Everything went well at the retrieval today. The doctor was able to get 9 eggs! I had a rough time coming out of the anesthesia, but they gave me some anti-nausea medication that made me feel better quickly. The cramping for this retrieval was more painful then IVF#1. It took the full day to get back to normal.

I start estrogen pills and progesterone shots tonight. The practice has switched from PIO shots to progesterone suppositories, but my insurance doesn't cover them. I can't see spending $390 for a two week supply that may not result in a pregnancy. I'm going to just stay on the shot for two weeks. If the result is positive, then I'll switch to the suppositories for the rest of the first trimester. If I don't get pregnant, I won't miss the $390 I would have spent. The PIO shots through my insurance company are $10.

Now were are waiting for the fertilization report. Ahhhh! I really hope that all 9 will do well! They will call between 12-3PM, tomorrow, with their status.

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