Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CD 7 - Day 6 of Stims

My appt went well today. The u/s tech couldn't see any new follicles on the scan, but all 9 are growing strong. I got a call this afternoon to change my dosage on my evening menopur to two vial instead of one (75IU to 150IU). I will also start my ganerilix injections tonight to prevent premature ovulation.

E2= 413
Lining= 8.8

I have only drunk 1/2 a liter today so far and 1/2 a Gatorade. Today's been busy at work, so I didn't get out for lunch. I'm hungry as hell! Once I get out of here, I am going to take DS to get some dinner and then to t-ball practice. Usually I just get him something, and then eat when I get home, but tonight I will be fast foodin' it! I'll try to make a decent choice.

Finish the remaining 1.5 liters water

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