Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Protocol

My IVF nurse emailed me my new protocol. Here it goes.....


This protocol is a method for administering medication designed to optimize ovarian response to gonadotropin stimulation. This protocol may be adapted based on your individual response.

· Birth Control Pills - 21-day pack (1-2 packs)
· Ganirelix syringes.
· Gonadotropin FSH (Follistim, Gonal F, or Bravelle) and 75 IU FSH&LH (Repronex or Menopur) or 75 IU LH (Luveris)
· hCG (hCG, Pregnyl, Novarel) 10,000 IU # 1 vial - “Trigger” intramuscular injection.
· Zithromax 1 gram - taken when directed evening before egg retrieval.
· Estrace 2 mg (#60) - taken when directed to start evening of egg retrieval.
· Endometrin vaginal insert (#60), as directed to start the day after egg retrieval.
· Children’s Aspirin - 80-81 mg. as directed. (Purchase over-the-counter).
· Prenatal vitamin 1 tablet every day.

Date Protocol Day Instructions

1/19 Start Birth Control Pills - 1 tablet each day for 24 days. Begin 1 Children’s Aspirin each day. (~Was already doing....)

2/11 (Day after last birth control pill)
Evaluation Blood work (E2, Beta and ultrasound. You will be called in the afternoon with your results.

2/15 If blood work & ultrasound are within normal limits, gonadotropins are usually started on the 4th day after your last birth control pill. Your nurse will give you the date to start along with dosing instructions and date to return for follow-up monitoring. * Continue your daily Children's Aspirin* ¨ Once follicles are >14mm (or per physicians orders) you will be given instructions for continuing gonadotropins and beginning Ganirelix.

~2/27 Egg retrieval (approximate date).
~3/2-4 Embryo transfer (approximate date).

*Protocol will be individualized hereafter.

**infectious disease bloodwork must be current for patient and partner (within the past 12 months) and all consents must be signed and given to primary nurse BEFORE OR at this office visit or cycle cannot begin.

Revised 1/09 md.

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