Monday, February 09, 2009

2 days until IVF #2!

IVF round #2 starts in 2 more days!

If we are sucessful our EDD (Estimated Due Date) would be around 11/22/2009.

We planned on waiting until after our cruise in April to start IVF, but my nurse called me and said that because I am on the refund plan, I need to initiate a cycle at least once every three months. They can kick me out of the program if I don't. I was suppose to start a cycle in January, but just didn't call to initiate it. I understand the reasoning behind this. We have six cycles of IVF plus all of the resulting embryo transfers from those cycles. They could have me as a patient for years if I didn't complete a cycle at least every three months. That is 4 cycles a year.

So, here we are. Two days until the start of IVF #2. Unplanned, but we are up for it.

My meds are coming in the mail today. We switched to a new insurance provider for 2009. The total cost of all the meds came to $96! That is a big change from the thousands we paid last cycle.

Goals for IVF#2
1. Walk, on an incline, for one hour a day.
2. Eat 1500 calories
3. Do pilates for at least 15 minutes a day
4. Stay positive and relaxed
5. Get pregnant!

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