Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sleepy at the J.O.B.

Today has been a sleepy sleepy day. I think that the Lupron that I'm on has me wanting to hibernate! I've also been getting off and on headaches for the past couple of days. No fun. My cycle should be jumpin' off by morning, so I have more symptoms and issues than you can shake a stick at.

C and I met up today at SGFC to sign our consents for IVF and for cryopreserved embryos. I couldn't believe how thorough they were. What do you want to do with your embryos if the patient dies? What about if the partner dies? What if you get divorced? After 5 years, what do you want to do with them? Move them to long term storage? Hubby said to me, "I can't even plan out six months (when it comes to TTC) let alone 5 years!". It is so interesting to me that the embryos that are frozen for 1 or more years can be put back inside me and create life. Science has come so far! It's amazing! Scary, but amazing.

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