Thursday, December 17, 2009

1-Hour Glucose Test result

I got the results from Monday's 1 hour glucose test. The normal result for pregnant woman is 130 or under. Mine was 177. They scheduled me for a 3 hour test next week. When I went to the perinatal doctor, for my NT screening, they told me that for many mothers who have had GD it can come back earlier and more severe. So, we will see how the test next week goes. I spoke with the doctor about my experience with DS re: his size and the painful episiotomy that I had. She just said that they will monitor her size and the GD, if I have it (which it looks like I do), possibly deliver her a couple of weeks early. I had DS at 41 weeks. She suggested possibly 38 weeks this time, but they will keep an eye on it. She said that having a baby around 7.5 pounds will make delivery a better experience.

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