Thursday, October 01, 2009

Feeling good

I'm still feeling good. I am experiencing the same symptoms, which is great. Bring them on! I can't believe how different this pregnancy feels. I am trying not to let myself get too excited. I can't wait for the ultrasound next Friday!

On the day of the U/S, I am going to take the day off. DH is going to take the morning off and my mom is coming as well. We are making an event out of it. Why not. We plan on meeting for the U/S in the early morning, hang out, and go to lunch. During IVF#2, when my HCG levels stalled and I was spotting, I went in for an early ultrasound by myself. That was a mistake. I had to deal with everything by myself. If I learned anything, it is it's better to involve people and have them there for support instead of try to deal with things yourself.

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