Monday, October 05, 2009

1st Ultrasound came early

Due to some major cramps and a little dark spotting (has since resolved) over the weekend, and my history, I went in for an ultrasound today. I wasn't sure what to expect. My insurance won't cover pregnancy procedures done at the R.E.'s office, so I went to the regular OB. This office has really upgraded the technology it uses. On the wall of every sono room is a 42" Plasma to view your ultrasound on. I was shocked. Because of that you can see everything in detail! So, I didn't know what to expect, but I was sure that they would put the wand in and then there would be nothing. I have been preparing myself for that possibility. My mom was with me for support - that helped a lot. The wand was inserted and I couldn't believe my eyes. I am so use to non-pregnant ultrasounds that when the u/s tech put the wand in I was shocked. There it was. An image like many I see when I search for early ultrasound pictures and it was mine! The tech said that our little peanut measures 5w 5d and looks normal for this stage of development. There was no heartbeat, but that was normal as well. I am so happy! We have never been at this stage in our infertility journey!

The gestational age the tech gave me is behind a couple of days (according to my LMP), but I'm assuming that IVF and embryo transfer dates can throw off what your actual due date will calculate to be. So, for now the new date is June 2, 2010. So excited! The next ultrasound is still scheduled for Friday. I've got to remember to get a picture. I forgot to get one this time. I was just so happy to see something at all!

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