Monday, July 13, 2009

Positive thoughts

It seems like I have so many highs and lows. The past two weeks have been low. Then I woke up this morning with energy and a more positive outlook. Why? I don't know exactly. It could have been the loving I got last night..hehe....or just me being tired of being sick and tired of the ups and downs. I got up this morning - w/out an alarm - earlier than normal, put my kicks on, and ran for the treadmill. I energetically exercised for 45 minutes - running mostly! - to some of my favorite tunes. After that I stretched and quietly meditated. Ever since then, I have been in a much healthier place. I can't wait to get home and do something else to expend some energy, maybe swim! I even scheduled a vacation for our anniversary in February and am planning a two week trip to Europe for next July 10'. If we have another baby on the way, of course that would change. But, until that happens, we are going to live for now. I am tired of staying in limbo. I was in limbo three years ago and nothing has changed since. Time to start living like the young 20's family that we are.

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